Monday, December 28, 2009

Thank you, Monday Connections

Members of a local group called Monday Connections chose to sponsor SCH's children for this year's Angel Tree celebration. Each child had a wish list of items including winter coats, gloves, pajamas, socks, etc. Gifts came pouring in to the administrative office just a few weeks after Monday Connections received the initial wish lists.

Second Chance Homes hosted Angel Tree at Garfield School. (Thank you, Garfield, for allowing us to use the facility free of charge.) Costco donated cookies and water bottles to the event, and Santa even showed up!

Lots of children and families arrived to the party, and were so excited to see mounds of beautifully wrapped boxes.

We, at Second Chance Homes, are so grateful to Monday Connections for their generosity, as well as to all of the volunteers who helped make Angel Tree possible for our residents.

Best Wishes and Happy New Year!